Top 7 Best Web Hosts NZ – Reviews and Top Pick 2020

When the Internet first made its way to our dial-up modems, it was a far different world than it is today. There were no massive online shopping sites, no social media the way we know it now, and no such thing as cheap web hosting. People who wanted to start websites had to front massive dollars just to get online.

Thankfully, the online world has completely changed. Today you can get web hosting New Zealand for just a few dollars a month if you're starting small. Even larger sites are looking at cost-effective servers that have professionals willing to run them for a flat rate. In short, it's easy to get online today and share your content or products if you want to.

What's important to today's modern website owners? That's one of the purposes of doing a thorough overview of web hosting in general and specific hosts in particular. You'll want to learn terms like bandwidth, storage space, SEO services, databases, and marketing. Cheap web hosting nz is everywhere, and it's packed with features.

Once you're familiar with what's important to shop for in a web host, you'll want to think about your own goals. For example, are you going to have a video/image heavy website that needs a lot of storage space? Will your site have a lot of visitors or just a few? Our web hosting NZ review will help you answer these questions.

Capability on your control panel will be another thing you want to investigate. For example, WordPress only Hosting usually starts and stops with WordPress's capability. You won't necessarily get direct access to your databases (though you can if you'd like, sometimes for a free).

Once you know what hosts are offering and how it compares to your needs, you can craft a relevant, engaging website that connects with audiences all over the world. Whether you grab WordPress hosting NZ or just go with a shared cheap web hosting nz plan, you'll find something on this list to love.

Web Hosting



Key Features


US $3.95

Web Space: 10 GB


US $0.99 (was $9.99 – temporary discount of 90%)

Limited Bandwidth: 100 GB

a2hosting logo

US $3.92 (has a current 51% discount)

Web Space: Unlimited

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US $2.95 (down from US $9.95)

Web Space: Unlimited

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US $3.95

Web Space: 50 GB

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US $10

Web Space: 25 GB


US $4.90

Disk Space: 1 GB

7 Best Web Hosting Companies for NZ

Prospective New Zealand website owners will find each of the following 7 web hosting plans useful. Each offers something unique in the way of bandwidth, storage, and features. Our web hosting nz review presents to you the 7 best hosts for New Zealanders to choose from.

Best Web Host Overall

Siteground is a virtual playground for content creators and e-commerce professionals. Whether you're publishing content using ads for revenue or selling your heart out on your own e-commerce site, Siteground is an excellent choice. 2 million people use Siteground annually.

Siteground's features are robust and cover all the vital necessities of website creation and content management. They've broken everything down into a few precise categories: Small to medium site hosting, WordPress hosting, E-commerce hosting, and cloud hosting.

As you see here, it's the robust nature of Siteground's layout that really makes it pop out more than the other hosts on this list. It's ideal for small to mid-size businesses and is incredibly economical, starting as low as $6.99 and going up to $14.99. There's room to grow.


  • With major, top features starting at just $14.99, it's wildly economical
  • Genuinely engaging customer service that tends to your needs
  • 30-day money back guarantee gives you time to test
  • Easy website migration for existing websites
  • Free SSL, CDN, and Email


  • Enterprise businesses may find the service too limited
  • Unfortunately, Siteground doesn't get enough attention, though this isn't exactly their fault

All of these features and the disposition of the Siteground crew make them top this list of New Zealand hosting services. Small and medium size businesses may take one look at Siteground and forego the other 6 choices on the list.

Hostinger is one of the cheapest shared hosts on the Internet, and they've been around for quite awhile now.

They enjoy a lowkey reputation that manages to lure in thousands of new customers every year just on word of mouth.


  • Versatile plans begin at 99 cents and go all the way up to $7.45
  • Offers often hard to find quality cloud hosting
  • $2.89 plan offers many unlimited services
  • Business option available for under $5 bucks
  • Free SSL certificate with every single plan


  • Hostinger's plans are limited to small or small-medium sites
  • Email plans are a little less clear and well thought out

The bottom line on Hostinger is that it's one of the quickest ways for someone on a budget to start putting their content out there. Financial savings will be your primary reason to opt for Hostinger.

A2 advertises itself as a "blazing fast web host," but does it live up to its self-proclaimed billing? The answer is: yes, very recently A2 upgraded its hosting plans and servers to offer a quicker, more convenient experience.

Plans begin at $2.99 for shared hosting. You get CMS programs like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, along with servers that are now 20 times faster than A2's previous servers. If you don't know how to transfer your site, you can outsource that duty to A2 itself.

Reseller hosting is only $13.19 with all the base package included. You get a WHM control panel and a free billing system, so it's ideal for all your reseller needs. VPS hosting and even Dedicated servers (starting at $99.59) are part of A2's products.


  • Plans that are both big and small to meet every need
  • Free site migration for all sites, even $2.99 hosting packages
  • WHM control panel is very highly regarded among all site owners
  • CMS offerings are excellent
  • VPS hosting is only $5 a month


  • It would be nice if they added still more CMS programs
  • No cloud hosting

Thanks to its cost-effective and rich array of web hosting plans, A2 is an excellent choice, especially for folks who want WordPress hosting nz. Their 20X faster plan means you don't just get the convenience of WordPress, but your visitors will enjoy a better experience.

A2 also offers one of the cheapest dedicated server hosting plans in the world, at only $99.59 (priced on sale, regularly $119.99). You're free to create on your very own server without interrupts from any other sites.

For you eco friendly website owners in New Zealand, Green Geeks is a unique option on this list. Its eco friendly servers don't just strive for blazing fast speeds and reliability; they're going for the whole package here, with "green" plans.

Green Geeks focus on three types of hosting: WordPress, Reseller, and VPS. By focusing on these three important forms of hosting, they lock out hosting that's less friendly to the environment while still giving you a great platform to get your products or content out.

The WordPress hosting starts at just $2.95 a month if you pay for an annual plan; reseller hosting is $19.95, while VPS hosting clocks in at $29.95. Virtual private servers are known for being lightening fast, so larger sites will want to opt for this green option.


  • Eco friendly hosting plans still retain their speed and reliability
  • You help the environment while still getting great hosting
  • Younger website owners will be pleased with this arrangement
  • Customer service is lightening fast, too
  • Established in 2008, so a long history of helping our environment and New Zealand site owners


  • Other options like cloud and dedicated servers left off the menu
  • Not everyone is interested in a green plan

The environment needs all the help it can get, and younger Internet site owners seem to be gravitating toward hosts like Green Geeks. It won't be for everyone - not everyone necessarily puts the environment at the top of their site plan - but it will definitely speak to environmentalists, both casual and dedicated.

Blue Host is a throwback to the old web. It was founded in 2003 before the social media boom of the mid-2010s. Like SiteGround, another of our oldest hosts, this website enjoys a long reputation for superior uptime and versatility in hosting plans.

If you look at Blue Host's plans, you'll notice that they firmly believe in throwing in both the basics and additional free features that enhance your potential for online success. Their excellent value has drawn over 2 million websites into their fold to date.

The recent addition of WP Pro has really upped their value as well. WordPress is the most popular CMS program in the world, drawing people from all areas, including New Zealand. They make interactivity with your audience a seamless and "point and click" endeavor.

When you grab WP Pro from them, you get advanced site stats, data backups, and even marketing tools to spread the good news about your online creation. Throw in one of the most expert support teams around, and you've got a website host in Blue Host that you can depend on.


  • 24/7 expert customer support by phone or even live chat
  • 1-click WordPress install takes all the hard work out of releasing a website
  • Free SSL certificate with every hosting plan
  • Free domain your first year
  • Plans range from $3.95 to $13.95 to start


  • More expensive, enterprise level plans are less available
  • Early basic plan does have some limitations

Blue Host is an interesting choice on this list, as it offers up basic shared hosting and few other options. By focusing on just shared hosting, they're able to give you an incredible shared host experience.

Their basic plan's 50 GB SSD storage and a single website remains very limited, so most people will want to bump that up to a Plus, Choice Plus or even Pro account. Their Pro account has unlimited websites, SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth, something that makes it a robust plan for the money.

As the name implies, Cloudways hones in on cloud hosting, a relatively new player in the game and one of the most lightning fast, convenient forms of hosting around. Its innovation has become commonplace these days, but we still recognize its greatness.

In only minutes, you can have a Cloudways site live and ready to reach the masses. Plans range from $10 to $80 a month, and this figure includes DO Hosting charges added in. So what's in these packages? A lot.

Your run of the mill $10 plan nets you 24/7 customer support, a free SSL, and even free migration if you want to move your website to the Cloudways cloud. And with ulimited application installs, you can really make use of today's most innovative features.


  • With the focus on cloud-only hosting, Cloudways taps into one of the richest forms of website hosting
  • 24/7 customer support is well-known as experts and friendly
  • $80 a month plan features pro things like team management, auto healing, and regular security patching
  • Their most popular plan nets you SSH and SFTP access, along with dedicated firewalls and other security measures
  • 5 cloud providers and all PHP apps are supported, and you also get a creative and cool to use control panel


  • If you don't want cloud hosting, Cloudways probably isn't for you
  • Very large businesses will probably find Cloudways restrictive

The cloud has become a mainstay online and promises to remain that way for as long as there is an Internet. While some people have resisted floating into the cloud, there are few of those people left.

While smaller sites and people who expect to have small audiences may just opt for shared hosting, others with a more mid-range dream in mind will do well to seriously consider a cloud hosting plan.

Last but certainly not least on our list is Digital Pacific. Its focus on a little bit of everything makes it one of the most diverse platforms to choose from. It's like a candy store of features as well, with products like domains, email, VPS, and plenty of good old-fashioned hosting plans.

Want a dedicated server? Digital Pacific makes it very possible. It's Intel AND AMD dedicated hypercore and terastore servers give you an elite array of dedicated features that won't disappoint.

Just want good old-fashioned and simple WordPress hosting with an SSL and Security package thrown into the deal? Digital Pacific has that as well. Email and domain options are also stellar. 


  • Offers Personal, Business, Premium, and Reseller hosting
  • Robust email features for businesses like Office 365 & Outlook
  • 24/7 Domain name management for all your needs
  • VPS includes cPanel management for Windows or Linux sites
  • WordPress sites grab site migration services that expedite your move


  • Despite having dedicated servers, Digital Pacific focuses on small to mid-tier businesses and sites
  • Professional services are great, but they could always include more (and will in coming months and years)

The versatility of Digital Pacific, and its focus on New Zealand customers in particular, will be appealing to so many of you reading this. They take each important area of website hosting and give you a full-bodied platform to use.

We love their G Suite & Email and even mailbox migration for existing website owners to benefit from. Their bulk search and registration on domain names make it so much easier to get multiple sites of the ground at once. They also have advanced SSL packages to kick off security for your site right.

Website Hosting Types and Vital Information

You've seen different types of website hosting mentioned throughout this review. Each one of these hosting types starts with a different platform and offers a vastly different array of features. Knowing your own needs in relation to hosting types will help in your search.

To make the best choice here, you'll need to know a little bit about each type of hosting and the type of New Zealand site owner it might best serve. We'll start off with the most common type - shared hosting - and go all the way through to dedicated hosting.

Remember that more common doesn't necessarily mean better. If you're a larger business, opting for a share hosting plan might reduce security for your customers or even put you out of business if you select a smaller plan. This list is created to help you choose wisely.

Shared Hosting

Think of shared hosting as a large apartment complex. There's a central location, but there are a lot of people living in that building. It's very economical, and you can even get a large space in that building, but you're still sharing a building.

Most shared hosting plans give you an easy to use cPanel that puts all of your programs and tools in one place. It might be an apartment, but it's a nice one! You get lots of square footage for all your tools.

Of all your hosting options, a shared host will give you the cheapest hosting plan possible. Many websites start out on shared hosting plans and then expand to enterprise level shared, then VPS, and then dedicated. There's always room to grow on shared hosting.


  • Very cheap hosting plans
  • Simple to use all-in-one cPanel
  • A free domain name with most shared hosting plans
  • Great support to help novice site owners
  • A simpler all around solution that still gives you decent reliability


  • Tend to be slower than other hosting plans
  • Less control over your server environment because it's shared
  • Enterprise level businesses might not want shared hosting

Shared hosting is the great-great granddaddy of online hosting. It was the hosting platform that allowed millions of people to get online for a fair price. It's amazing that as this type of hosting has aged, it still remains your main gateway to online success.

VPS Hosting

While shared hosting is like renting a large building with a LOT of other people, VPS hosting reduces the number of people in that "building." In other words, you get far more space for yourself and upgrade your experience.

Most folks start out on shared hosting but then expand to an option like VPS. It's one of those mid-tier options that just makes sense for a growing site. A VPS server still has other people on it, but you have your own "copy" of the operating system running on that server.

As a result, you tend to get better uptime, less slow down, and more reliable performance of your site. And isn't that what every site owner wants? To have a better and better experience both for themselves and their users?

Because of your own operating system on the server, you get a "virtual" dedicated experience that is much smoother and better for customers than a shared hosting plan. With fewer snags and more power on your side, it's a logical next step for your expanding business.


  • You get your own operating system on a VPS
  • You're sharing fewer resources with other customers
  • Faster load times for your site visitors
  • Still fairly simple to maintain your site
  • A nice middle choice between shared and dedicated


  • Once again, enterprise level businesses will want to stick with the most robust plans
  • Not quite as good as dedicated

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the home ownership of the hosting world. Forget that apartment you've been renting. Buy a space online that's all your own and run it the way you want it. You'll have complete control over your content and programs.

When you opt for dedicated hosting, you get your very own physical server that's dedicated to your site and yours alone. You're not sharing space with anyone anymore. There are no next door neighbors just across the hall. The whole place is yours.

Large business and people who aspire to be a large enterprise might want to consider ditching the first two choices and opting for a dedicated hosting plan. You start off with your own server and nab total control from the start.

Dedicated servers have blazing fast performance because they're not sharing space with other sites. It's just yours, and that server's entire purpose is to house your website and the customers who visit your place on the web.

And since it's your server, you're the one who can have an IT team, or just you, control it. No one else is going to interfere in what you actually want to do on your own server, so you don't have to worry if things are in good hands. They're always in good hands: yours.


  • By far one of the best options for huge websites
  • You get IT level control over your server
  • Your customers experience faster load times
  • You can control the entire way your server is secured and monitored
  • If you need a little help managing the server, you can get a managed plan


  • Dedicated server plans are usually reserved for people who have some tech experience and know-how
  • Only a good option for large sites due to the expensive price tag of dedicated hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Not everyone buys a web hosting plan for themselves or their business. Some of you out there might be interested in selling hosting yourself. A reseller hosting plan is the quickest way to get in on this lucrative adventure.

Reseller hosting is basically re-branding another host's products as your own and then marketing them and managing them in your own unique way. You buy servers and server space, apps, control panels, and tools from another host, and then you rebrand that into your own creation.

Selling hosting can be extremely profitable when it's done right. You get to pick and choose how that product is marketed to your customers and run everything on your own, but you don't have to go through the trouble of buying servers and server space.

Everything is set up for you from the get go, making it an easy industry to get into. There's a great need for website hosts in today's world. People want choice and they want personality from their host. Do you have the personality and business know-how to get things done?


  • A great way to make money online from the start
  • Very easy to set up your reseller hosting account and start selling
  • Most reseller programs are going to get you started with no trouble at all
  • If you have tech experience, you're already a step ahead
  • Really get to know your customers and help them succeed online


  • Very expensive
  • Not for small or usually even medium sized websites

Cloud Hosting

If you've been online at all in the last 5 years, you're probably well aware of "the cloud." Web hosting isn't the only type of service that utilizes this magical cloud, but it is definitely the one industry that utilizes it most effectively.

Consider cloud hosting as a type of storage hosting. You outsource your hosting to another organization that basically stores and manages all of your data and website into a "cloud."

The infrastructure of the cloud is far too complex to cover in a basic review here, but let's just say that the cloud is one of the most secure, lightning fast places to store your website. And it'll net you a great hosting plan if your site fits its strengths.

When you sign up for cloud hosting, your host is going to manage everything for you, including the complex infrastructure of the cloud. Its virtual machines will handle your content and/or products and then of course, they'll take care of security.


  • Very low initial costs to start a cloud hosted site
  • Scales very well to your needs
  • Majorly advanced data recovery available so that you always retain your content
  • One of the most inexpensive places to store your site
  • Easy to learn its basic model


  • Some security issues have been reported in the past, but it's getting better
  • Some folks may just want to go with something inexpensive that they're more familiar with

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you know you're going to be building your site from the ground up with WordPress, why not pick an advanced WordPress host that really digs into the benefits of the program and nets you a ton of additional features.

Not only will WordPress hosting be more simple than other forms of hosting, but it's primary focus will always be on making it easier to upload and manage your content. Therefore, you might say that WordPress hosting is about the best way there is to get content live nearly instantaneously everyday.

While e-commerce businesses might want to only use WordPress for blogging, content bloggers are going to absolutely love managed WordPress hosting. It's like having a constant way to communicate with your audience and add your thoughts at will.


  • You don't need any technical skill to operate WordPress hosting
  • Add content as often as you like in a point and click fashion
  • Instant comments sections and ways for your readers to interact with your content
  • Automatically updated so that your WordPress site functions perfectly
  • WordPress's many add-ons let you improve security, performance, and aesthetics at the click of a button


  • Limited to WordPress and WordPress functions only
  • If you want an all in one solution and still need functions like databases and PHP scripting, maned WordPress hosting might not be that one stop spot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Web Hosting

Q: What exactly is a website host?

A: Website hosts own servers and space online. You agree to "rent" that space via a monthly or annual fee. In return, you get a space to create content, add pictures, publish videos, and even make money from your site.

Q: How expensive is web hosting?

A: A shared hosting plan is sometimes free, sometimes starts out at $5 a month, and sometimes is as expensive as $100 a month. Prices are all over the place but most hosts tend to offer a good value for their domain hosting nz.

Q: What is domain hosting nz?

A: Although it's uncommon, sometimes web hosts don't sell domain names. Since that can complicate things, it's good to find nz hosting that includes a domain name in with your monthly agreement.

Q: Do all cheap web hosting nz plans come with WordPress hosting?

A: No. There will be some hosting nz plans that don't come with WordPress at all, although this is increasingly rare. If you plan to build a WordPress site, make sure your nz hosting plan includes WordPress.

Q: Is server uptime really important?

A: Yes! New Zealand web hosting should always come with some form of uptime guarantee. Uptime is the time that your website is live for your users to browse. If your site is down, you lose visitors. It's that simple. Always confirm uptime percentages!

What's Right for you?

Shopping for the right New Zealand web hosting is an exciting experience. You've got an idea for a website, and you want to create. Websites themselves are an excellent form of near-passive income, and millions dream of owning one that succeeds.

To be that person who succeeds, it's a good idea to start off with cheap web hosting nz before diving in and investing a lot (unless you're a business with a specific product or content type in mind). Hosting NZ varies in quality, so researching here was a terrific start.

Whether you want to start with WordPress and go the content route or have an e-commerce site on your mind, there's a New Zealand web hosting plan that will be right for you. There are more hosting nz sites online than ever before. You might be the next "big thing" out of NZ.

We've reviewed many different hosts here today and the bulk of web hosting types. Now that you have an idea of what each service has to offer, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before adventuring out to create.

What Type of Site do you Want?

Are you an e-commerce website? Are you starting a blog about cooking? Do you plan to promote a book you're writing? Before you know what type of hosting is right for you, it's vital to envision your goal here, your end game.

What's the best case scenario for you? Will you sell a lot of copies of a book? Will you create a thriving social network that leaves millions of people smiling everyday? Will you simply share your love of sports with a few thousand happy visitors?

To know where you're going, you have to know what your transportation is going to be. The subject of your site is your method of transport. Is it going to travel all the way to a mansion or is it making stops in the neighborhood to connect with fellow travelers?

  • Is your site going to be small, medium, or large?
  • Are you pushing content or products?
  • How will you incorporate and use social media to your advantage?
  • What's your startup budget?
  • What impression do you want your site to make on the world?

Keep Learning More

Nothing is more valuable to a potential website owner than to know more and more. Knowing isn't half the battle in website creation; it's just about the whole ballgame. By learning good, accurate information about hosting, you increase your chances of making a great investment.

Millions of people around the world will start a website this year, and you might just be among the many who succeed in keeping those websites up for decades to come. Whether you're selling a physical product or great content, knowledge is power.

By understanding your vision for your website, the types of hosting that are appropriate for your needs, and the hosts that are there to accommodate those needs, you're increasing your chances everyday of getting things started right.

Whether you opt for our top choice - SiteGround - or decide Cloudways or a WordPress managed site is best, you're still learning more everyday by reading over reviews just like this. It's an active investment of time that can help bring security in the future.

Resources for web hosting are abundant online, and there's no shortage of hosts, but we feel that the 7 hosts mentioned here today are your best bet for getting a website off the ground and running. Choose wisely. Your future might just depend on it.