Best New Zealand Domain Registrar

Creative New Zealanders often come to the conclusion that they’re wasting their time on social media and getting very little back for their creativity. Why depend on someone else’s platform when you can create your own brand and be the master of your own online destiny?

Domain names are the heart of any brand. Your address on the web is as important as any other facet of your business, and in some ways, it’s even more important. Memorable domain names often skyrocket in popularity online (provided there’s good content on them).

Just like web hosts differ in services and quality, domain name companies also differ. They also differ on that all important aspect of price. You might think all domain name services are created equal, but you’d be very wrong about that.

Different services provide varying levels of satisfactory performance. You don’t want to pick a domain name company that takes its business lightly. Just like you need a host that works with you like a friendly partner, you need your domain name service to give you an edge as well.

The following is a list of top domain hosting nz services that offer up a cheap domain nz residents can really use to create an online presence. If you want to buy a domain name nz, this list of New Zealand domain registrars is a one-stop list that will net you the best NZ domain name registration around.

Best Domain Registrars for NZ

Domain names are often the sole name of your business. If you’re a content creator, your brand is going to be your domain name, so you don’t want to take it lightly. There is also some research to support that domain names can even affect page rank on major search engines.

When selecting a domain name, you want to grab a name that captures the spirit of your business. It should be catchy and captivating, just like the name of a business would be. Of course, if you have a brick and mortar store, you’ll want to get a name as close as possible to your real business name.

Here is our take on the top 5 NZ domain name registration businesses. Some offer cheap domain names nz, others are just a nz domain registrar with exceptional service, and still others are the total package when you want to buy domain nz services.

Domain Register



Key Features


US $3.92 (has a current 51% discount)

10 GB

US $2.95 (down from US $9.95)

10 GB

US $3.95

10 GB

US $10

10 GB

US $4.90

10 GB

Here in New Zealand, you’ve got a rich number of choices to choose from, but not all of those nz domain registrar services are worth bothering with. In fact, when you really look at all of the competition, it’s easy to narrow your choices down to just a few key options.

I’d like to introduce you to the cream of the crop of New Zealand domain registrars. These are the companies that go above and beyond.


If you’re planning to start a .nz website, BlueHost won’t be for you, but if you’re picking a .com, this company is as good as anybody in the business for New Zealand domain name buyers.

Their prices vary by domain extension, but you won’t find anything over $12.99 a year on any type of domain. Their .com domains start out at just $11.99 a year. For .org domains, you pay just $8.99 a year. For the price of a trip to KFC, you can have your own corner of the web


  • Domain Lock wards off unauthorized transfers and keeps your domain on lock
  • Terrific management tools allow you to change DNS records across one, two, or all of your domain names
  • 24/7 support and a great FAQ section
  • BlueHost also offers premium hosting to go with your domain, so it’s a one-stop


  • BlueHost is terrific in every way, but it would be nice to see more blog entries on domain name selection

BlueHost remains one of the most popular places to buy a domain name online, giving you a good number of reasons to opt for them. Their customer service is highly available, they have features to buy and sell domains, and their domain interface is one of the easiest to learn.

New Zealand Domain Registrar

Best Features

  • 24/7 Support
  • Domain manager that gives you complete control of renewals, billing, and domains
  • Great articles on how to choose a domain name
  • One-click setup of domains
  • Some of the friendliest tech support in the business

With a name like CrazyDomains, you’ll be surprised at just how sobering and stable their deals and services are. The only thing off kilter is that the company seems a little “crazy” for pricing their excellent services so well.

They have a short and sweet search set up for single and bulk domains, but the thing you’ll love most of all is the price they list below that magical search box: “Domains as low as $0.75” it says.

The feature rich domain manager is the heart of the CrazyDomains service, but you’ll find many more reasons to fall in love with this crazy successful – but not toxic – domain name company. It’s an excellent choice for New Zealanders. They offer .nz domain names, too.

When you want to get something online fast and simply, with little to no experience, NameCheap is a fantastic option. I’ve purchased domain names from NameCheap and enjoyed the experience. While they do not have .nz domains, they do have most other extensions available.

On the whole, their customer support is rated much higher than GoDaddys. They make it easy to purchase a domain name and have it up and running in very little time. Their smaller hosting packages are ideal for websites that just need a reliable home on the web and don’t expect enterprise levels of traffic.

The website on NameCheap is a bit dated, sure, but that’s part of its charm. If you love old school domain name options and hosting, NameCheap is a fine place to create a home for your New Zealand website.


  • They manage millions of domains names, so they really know their stuff
  • One of the cheapest places to get a domain name
  • They integrate their domain management and hosting management extremely well
  • Offer a wide range of services (Transfers, marketplace to buy and sell, PremiumDNS, freeDNS, Whois lookups)
  • A cool “new releases” section that shows you the newest of top-level domains to give you inspiration


  • Customer service could be a little more friendly
  • Very strict auto-renewal policy

There’s not an old school Internet surfer alive who isn’t familiar with the name “GoDaddy.” This was the pioneer of domain name services, and we’ve all enjoyed watching the daddy grow through the years.

The company recently gave up its old-fashioned hip swagger for a more sophisticated image, but it’s still one of the funnest places around to begin your online journey. While we’d like to point out that sometimes the support is a little lax on GoDaddy, it’s set up so intuitively that you rarely need support.

While GoDaddy is one of the oldest domain name registrars online, you’ll find that alternatives have caught up to the original “daddy” of all domain name services. The redesign of the GoDaddy logo this year was just one sign that they’re willing to change with the times.

It’s possible that over time, GoDaddy’s customer service will improve to match the high level of service they offer with other domain name management features. One thing I’d like to point out is that if you want to buy a domain name to sell it, GoDaddy may be one of your best options. They have a thriving domain name marketplace.


  • Domains as low as 99 cents (for .club domains)
  • Large number of customers testify
  • Has a reasonably priced hosting option available for your domain name
  • The only thing lacking is slow customer support


  • Customer service is slow to respond
  • Very dated signup process has been around for a very long time. They offer domains and having an adequate rating on customer support. Some customers report terrific service, others claim it’s a bit sluggish. That’s why they’re not ranked higher here. has a helpful “Domain Search FAQ” section that condenses the complexities of selecting a domain name down to a comfortable bite-sized primer. Even an novice will benefit from reading’s FAQ section.

They concisely explain just why domain names are important, how to find out if one is available, and exactly what you can do with your domain name once it’s purchased. If you’re a newcomer to the domain game, isn’t just a registrar. They’re a great resource, too.


  • Two-step verification (included free)
  • Forwarding to social media (a huge free feature in today’s social media heavy world)
  • DNS management (free)
  • Email forwarding (free)
  • A good guide to creating a domain name


  • Domain management interface is tricky to master
  • Site is a bit dated

What you Need To Know Choosing a Domain Name for New Zealanders

In the old days, a person might just come up with any haphazard domain name they could think of before they went to buy domain name nz. Today’s world is a little more Internet savvy, though. You know a domain name is important. Now what?

Well, be on the lookout for the hallmarks of a great service. When you buy a cheap domain nz, you want to know that your NZ domain name registration company offers you a good service. What’s a good service look like?

  • Customer support will have a “customer is always right” attitude, friendliness, and professionalism
  • There will be more than just .com and .net extensions; a good cheap domain nz company will have dozens of extensions to choose from
  • If you’re changing hosts, too, and already own a domain name, your registrar should be capable of transferring it to a different hosting account
  • Price will always matter! When you buy a domain name nz, look for a cheap domain nz

Each one of these points will play a part in whether or not a domain name company lives up to modern expectations. Some may get it right on price but drop the ball on customer service; others might be excellent at customer service and friendliness but have a terrible domain management interface.

Very few companies get every single facet of domain name service exactly right. A nz domain registrar is responsible for the entire name of your identity online. You wouldn’t choose a web host that didn’t get every single thing right. Don’t choose a domain name company that drops the ball on even one of these points.

Before you sign up for your domain, check and re-check this list. Does your prospective company have everything you need? Are they capable of handling more domains if you decide to buy more? Are they reputable in the industry.

As we covered in our reviews, BlueHost is the only one of these services that gets everything just right. It has been in business for well over a decade now, welcoming some of the biggest domains on earth to the web. Other services in our top 5 also get a lot right.

Perhaps the biggest thing you need to know before you buy a domain name nz is that it’s a significant step in your online goals. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t rush it. Really study and get a feel for what you want your online identity to be.

What to Avoid when Purchasing Domain Names

So what are the cardinal sins of domain name purchases? What shouldn’t you be doing? We’ll start with SSL upgrades. While you definitely need an SSL upgrade once you grab hosting, you might want to wait to buy it from your host so you get support for it.

When you buy domain names nz, you’ll also be tempted to purchase other upgrades. Common ones include upgrades to custom email service, SEO boosting service, and domain name privacy services. Are all of these things important? Yes! So why should you avoid this when you purchase a cheap domain nz?

The simple answer is that if you want these services, they may already be included in any domain hosting nz package that you pick up. So there’s simply no need to waste your money paying for these sometimes expensive services in your domain package. Wait to grab them for your hosting.

The SSL upgrade is especially important because unless you’re an Internet wizard already, you might not know how to install the SSL certificate on your soon to exist website. If you opt for hosting from a different place than you got your domain name, you might not even have any support at all to install it.

Your hosting package will include a lot of necessary things like SSL certificates and email services. Waiting until you select your host is going to save you some cash in the long run, and at the very least, you’ll get support for the services through hosting.

Which Domain Extension is the best for you?

Choosing a cheap domain nz is making the choice for a “national” domain as opposed to an international one that’s common to all countries. Because .nz extension is more unique than a .com extension, it is more memorable and sometimes better to opt for the .nz extension.

When you buy a domain name nz that is specific to your location, you have the opportunity to really connect with the people of New Zealand in a way that any old .com extension wouldn’t. It lets people feel like they have a connection to New Zealand ideas or services through your domain name.

Both domain extensions can be profitable and perfectly okay, but many New Zealanders opt for domain hosting nz and cheap domain nz that has the .nz extension.

Is an SSL required?

While there is no Internet law stating that you must have an SSL certificate, it’s a terrible idea to forego installing one on your website. It’s your visitor’s security and your own on the line. Without this certificate, you’re opening yourself and your visitors up for attacks. Get an SSL

FAQS on NZ Domain Registrar Services

Q: Can I get a nz domain registrar that has domain hosting nz?

A: Yes! You can find a nz domain name registration service like BlueHost that also provides very popular web hosting as well. It kills two birds with one stone.

Q: Will my choice of domain name affect things like SEO?

A: There will always be debate about this matter, but most experts agree that choosing an extremely “spammy” domain name can negatively affect SEO. Choosing an accurate and popular “keyword” seems to actually help SEO endeavors. Keep this in mind when you select a domain name.

Q: Who handles all these cheap domain nz names?

A: An organization called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for all of these names. They assign you an IP address and work in conjunction with your registrar to get your name up and running.

Q: Will my domain name be active immediately?

A: Unfortunately, it can take between 24-48 hours for a domain name to be usable with any kind of hosting service you sign up for. That’s no worries, though, because in the meantime, you can be creating your brand new site and content. It’ll be live in 2 days or less.

Q: Where can I get ideas for good cheap domain names nz?

A:Inspiration for your domain name can be found everywhere. There are even some registrars who will give you some ideas of their own, based on a name you search for. If it’s not available, they might recommend another one you end up liking a lot.

Ready to Buy Domain Name NZ Today?

The basics are all here for you to put to good use now. There are 5 reputable, reliable domain name registrars to choose from, some ideas about what to look for and avoid, and a few FAQs to get you started on your domain name search.

You may buy a domain name nz today or it may be a week from now before you find the perfect cheap domain nz and domain hosting nz. In that time, you can get inspiration for your new domain name, plot out some new content you want to share on that future website, and figure out your gameplan for SEO.

It all starts today. With the knowledge you’ve gained, now you know that your mission to pick out a new cheap domain nz name may be even more significant than you at first thought. It will be a “first hello” to the people that visit your website. Make it a winning one!