Top 5 Best Free Web Hosting New Zealand

The Internet is the ideal place for people with great ideas to share those ideas in a universe of different formats: text, audio, video, and mobile apps. Despite all the social networks out there, the good old-fashioned Internet website is still the most expansive way to reach out to an audience.

When you own your own website, you control the content completely from beginning to finish. Your visitors see your content instead of someone else’s banner ads or text marketing. It’s the ultimate form of online expression

Free Web Hosting NZ

If you’ve got a vision for online content but don’t have a place to put it yet, then it might be time to explore the concept of free web hosting. Many people don’t want to invest a lot of money up front in an idea that may or may not get traffic.

Free web hosting is the easiest, cheapest way to dabble in content creation and e-commerce. You get your own little area of the Internet without having to spend big bucks to maintain it. If traffic grows, you can expand your web hosting package to a paid one. It’s a no-lose scenario.

When is Free a Real Value?

No one expects the world out of a free host. After all, they’re giving you a huge amount of online real estate for nothing in return. That said, though, a free host should offer you a bare bones value. Don’t expect frills, but do expect good, reliable service.

There’s an old adage that “what you pay for is what you get,” a saying that suggests if something is free, it won’t give you any value at all. Free web hosting in New Zealand proves that sometimes this old saying is completely wrong.

Free hosting gives you many perks! When you pick the right free host, you have a free website that works right out of the box and gives you the ability to grow a nice, tidy little stream of web traffic. A good free host will:

  • Give you enough storage to get started on your content
  • Let you have a reasonable number of visitors on your site each month
  • Give you the opportunity to upgrade your package to include more storage and bandwidth as your site grows
  • Offer excellent customer service and answer your questions promptly
  • Keep your visitors and website safe and secure

If a free host offers all of these things, you’re getting a good value, even for free.

Hallmarks of Good Free Hosting.

Many beginners aren’t certain of what makes for a good web hosting package, and if you’re looking for a free host, maybe you don’t even know much about how hosting works. That’s okay. These days, it’s actually pretty simple to learn the basics.

When you look for a free host, look for a host that offers as much storage and bandwidth as possible. If you have more than one domain, you may want to see if any free hosts allow for multiple domain names on a free account. They just might.

So why do all of these free hosts exist? What’s in it for them? Well, a good free host also offers paid packages. The idea of the free web host is much like the idea of the free app. It means that the creator knows their app (or web hosting) is so good that if people try it out, they’ll eventually expand and buy a better package.

You’re the lucky person who gets to benefit from this philosophy. You’ll start out for free, and as your business grows, you’ll be able to upgrade to a paid package that offers all of the online goodies you need to take over the Internet (or try to).

All of this goodness begins the day you pick out your free host. Who are you going to sign up with? I’ve created a list of the best free NZ hosts online to give you a starting point. May it light the way for online domination

Web Hosting



Key Features


US $3.92 (has a current 51% discount)

10 GB

US $2.95 (down from US $9.95)

10 GB

US $3.95

10 GB

US $10

10 GB

US $4.90

10 GB

The Top 5 – Best Free Web Hosts in New Zealand

Okay, this host isn’t 100% free, but it’s practically free. For under $1 month, you can get just a little bit more than you get with other hosts. Keep in mind these deals are often for a limited time, so grab it up while you can.

What are you paying for exactly? Their free package offers hosting on one domain name, a single email, free domain name (if you pay annually for your hosting), and 100GB of bandwidth (quite a lot to start out with).

Overall, paying just a bit for your hosting may turn out to be a good move for you. It will give you a bigger playing field to start out with and make you feel like you’ve invested something in the process. That can be great motivation to get to work. is one of the few free hosting services that serve up free hosting for life, plus unmetered bandwidth on top of it. Keep in mind that this is in accordance with their Fair Use Policy (you must follow it to get this deal).

In addition to that, you can easily purchase paid for addons that increase the usefulness of their service. recommends its service for all types of websites, but it’s especially helpful for WordPress blogs and Internet forums. Light sites like these are a perfect fit.

If Hostinger doesn’t quite fit in with your needs, please turn your attention to their sibling site 000WebHost. Their completely free service 000WebHost is perfect for those people who just don’t feel like paying for web hosting but still want bare bones perfection.

Their free plan gives you:

  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • No overlays
  • 1GB storage

And then you always have the option to upgrade your site to a Hostinger plan later on if you feel like actually paying for your web hosting and increasing traffic capabilities and other neat features.

By now, we’ve all heard just how beautiful cloud hosting can be, and x10Hosting throws in an even more beautiful view with a completely free package. They host over 12 million free pages every single month.

They emphasize the speed of getting you online as well. Their Cloud SSD servers allow for prompt addition of all of your content and a super performance profile. They’ve been around for 10 years now, and they show no signs of giving up any of their business to the competition.

All of their amenities are terrific, including MySQL, cPanel, and PHP hosting via the Cloud (I’m a big fan of cloud hosting myself). Their applications are robust as well, featuring popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. They even include a space for you Magento fans.

When you got the word “Award” in your name, you better bring your A-game! That’s exactly what AwardSpace does. One of the things I’m most impressed with is that they don’t have ads on their free hosting packages. That’s extremely important to beginning brands that don’t want to be associated with a free space.

Over 2.5 million people use AwardSpace. They also have a variety of terrific paid packages that give your website room to expand when it’s time. Many AwardSpace sites start out as free and then ease into their paid plans.

If you want a plan that can grow with you, free is a good place to start, and AwardSpace has some fantastic features.

Other Notables

I haven’t mentioned a few free hosting sites because I wanted to give you an overview of the ones that most people choose. For those who walk the road less traveled a lot, you’ve got alternatives to these free NZ web hosting sites. (not the same as the .org version of the same name) is completely free and caters to old-fashioned bloggers who primarily use words as their weapon of choice online. You won’t find e-commerce solutions or enterprise solutions here, but for blogging, it’s great.

Wix is another honorable mention. I left this one off the “top” list because you’ll be using a Wix subdomain, and for many people, this isn’t the route they want to go. While you can get online quickly and easily with Wix, its free features are very limited. Still, for some it’s the place to be.

When Free is Better

If you’ve got a talent – such as storytelling, drawing, or gab (perfect for podcasts) – there are millions of ways to let your voice be heard online. Sure, you could go to social media and try to make it big there, but the best way to create your own brand is by creating a website.

Current and potential entrepreneurs, bloggers, animators, and comedy website writers alike have infinite choices about how to break into the online world. There’s so many choices that it can be overwhelming at first, and that’s why lists like the one I’ve created here really help.

You can run the show with your own website. You won’t show ads for corporations (unless you want to), and you won’t share the stage with billions of other Internet users. When you have your own website, you have your own universe, and you can share what you want with your citizens.

By starting out with the free model, you allow yourself a way to save money in the early stages of your venture. Maybe you just want to write a blog with a lot of visitors. Free will get you started.

In the beginning of your website, you won’t make any money. So it makes sense that you’ll want to get the cheapest web host imaginable so that you can spend exactly as much as you will make in the beginning.

When your website starts to get visitors and you begin to take in a little income, you can gradually up your hosting plan to support your new visitors and a smoother experience. If you’re making money at that point, it makes sense to invest a little of it to increase website performance and storage

Getting Ready for Success

All great websites begin with a single idea and thought. Maybe you want to share recipes with the world, or pet pictures, or maybe you have a comic in mind. Your own website is the perfect way to create that world you imagine in your head.

The free hosts reviewed here are a magnificent example of our golden age of Internet use. Anyone with an Internet connection and a computer can easily get a professional looking website in just a few minute’s time.

Before you begin, seriously contemplate the name of your brand and domain name. This domain name will follow any success you have, so you don’t want a ilovedogs domain if your website is about ilovecats. You can brainstorm to get ideas.

Once you know the name of your website, you can begin getting ideas for content. Once again, brainstorming and writing ideas down is a terrific way to really lay things out. Your free hosting will only take a few minutes to sign up for.

You’ll have your account and can login to your control panel to explore all of your neat features that are priced just right: completely free (in most cases). Add content at your own pace, go slowly, and start to learn about SEO and optimize everything for search engines.

Many free hosts even offer free SEO WordPless plugins and other types of plugins to get you immediate traffic (or near immediate). If your content is good, things could even progress to visitors telling other people about your site.

Just because a site is free doesn’t mean it’s not destined for greatness. Many of today’s classic websites started out with free hosts. Yours could be the next major success story online if you work hard enough.

I recommend getting started right now by visiting the hosts mentioned here. Each one of these free hosts has something to offer. Which one is right for you?