VPN New Zealand | What to look for

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) mirrors the “unlisted” phone numbers of bygone days. Back when the telephone was first a thing, people around the world had privacy concerns about that technological advancement as well. When the “phone book” first hit mailboxes, people wondered about invasion of privacy.

Imagine a huge book that let people know where you live and to some degree, how you lived. It gave them instant access to your phone number so that they could contact you at will (via the number), but it also listed addresses in some cases, letting people know how to show up on your doorstep, too.

VPN New Zealand

A VPN NZ is a system that cloaks your “address” online in a similar way to unlisted numbers in an old era. While the unlisted number simply removed information, the NZ VPN both removes information and cloaks that information with newer information. It’s not as simple as all that, but it’s a concise way of understanding the VPN.

Unlock a World of Content

New Zealand VPN services acknowledge that for you to have the best online experience, you need access to all the services available on the international Internet scene. How? Well, you’ve got to get past all of that pesky geoblocking that goes on.

For example, a service called NordVPN NZ unlocks any content that is blocked in your native New Zealand. Let’s say you live in a region where Netflix is blocked. Without a New Zealand VPN, you can’t watch Netflix, and you’re missing out on one of the best online services.

By downloading an installing a New Zealand VPN, you open up content from regions around the globe and enjoy the best quality of Internet service imaginable. You also protect yourself from security threats of all types that might destroy your mobile or home device.

Netflix is notorious for their VPN blocking software, and so are many of today’s most popular services; to get a reliable, worthwhile VPN NZ, you need a service that is just as sophisticated as today’s most popular online services. The best free VPN NZ will unlock all content, not just a select bit of it.

VPN Services for Travelers

For travelers, you need an even more sophisticated service that knows how to track content in all regions, from your homeland to the areas that you travel in. You’ll need to be able to change IP at will as well.

Your best VPN NZ is a shield for your identity, cloaking your location at all times so that you can freely review and communicate online without having to be concerned about someone stealing that identity that’s completely you.

NZ VPN services do a tremendous job, but not all of them are built alike. There are some VPNs that are less virtually private and more virtually useless. Thankfully, we’ve got a catch-all list of the best VPN for NZ services. You can trust any New Zealand VPN on this list.

5 Best Vpn’s for New Zealand

VPN Service



Key Features


US $3.92 (has a current 51% discount)

10 GB

US $2.95 (down from US $9.95)

10 GB

US $3.95

10 GB

US $10

10 GB

US $4.90

10 GB

A Review on New Zealand’s Best 7 Hosting

Best Overall

The sheer number of services in New Zealand is enough to push NordVPN ahead of the pack. With over 5,000 servers to date, and a total of 19 in NZ, NordVPN NZ races ahead of the competition in just about every way. They have a ton of features that are standout.

The service unblocks a legion of content, including: Sling TV, Prime Video, Newflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and BBC iPlayer, to name just a few. They support devices of all types as well. Their specialty services are the best in the business.No-logging policy that’s fiercely enforced


  • No-logging policy that’s fiercely enforced
  • More servers in New Zealand than other services
  • P2P specialty services are active and available at all times
  • Supports Windows, Android, macOS, Android TV, Linus, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Works with routers


  • There’s always room for still more servers in New Zealand to increase services

Express VPN is the best VPN for New Zealand if you’re looking primarily at speed, not number of servers. While they only have one NZ server, they offer 3,000 worldwide, and they’re some of the most blazing fast servers in the business.

No logging and a 30-day money back guarantee assured you that you’ll be getting one of the best services to be found anywhere. They offer unblocking of a large number of geoblocked services like Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.


  • ExpressVPN has a huge number of stable connections, not just fast connections
  • No-logging policy is enforced
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Features a kill switch
  • Nice browser extensions to make sure everything is functioning 100% at all times


  • List EleWith just a single server in NZ, it would be nice to see ExpressVPN focus on obtaining more servers in NZment

Cyberghost is a New Zealand VPN with a total of 10 servers here. For some customers, it’s the best VPN for NZ, depending on location and the type of VPN New Zealand you’re looking for. It also offers a free 7 day trial that lets you test the service.

File sharing servers make them one of the best VPN NZ services around. Their emphasis on file sharing sometimes nets them a bit more attention than other services on this list, as they do have a really easy to use interface that’s perfect for novices.

Is this the best VPN for New Zealand? While I stand by NordVPN as the best free VPN NZ, CyberGhost is also a fine choice for reasons listed in the pros section.


  • Torrenting services are dedicated
  • 45-day money back guarantee is longer than other guarantees
  • 6,000 total servers
  • Used in over 90 countries
  • 256-bit encryption keeps you protected


  • Customer service could be more prompt
  • More NZ servers would always be welcomed

Perhaps the one staple of Hotspot Shield is that they’re carrying military-grade encryption services. Everything is locked down like a government’s most secretive, important organization.


  • Unlimited data (5 devices)
  • Tons of streaming content including Hulu
  • The browsing experience is top notch with tremendous speeds
  • Its easy to use interface makes it an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t know much about VPN services
  • Perfect for families because the high number of devices allowed


  • Offers only a 7 day trial, a very short period to really experience any kind of service like this

Last, and in some ways least, is PrivateVPN. They’re a small up and comer in the industry, so I want to emphasize that they’re just getting started here. They form a nice option for anyone who doesn’t like the crowding on the other services and wants a more personal touch.

A 30 day money back guarantee is a big opportunity and a nice gesture given that they only have 56 servers around the world. That’s a terrific sign that they have confidence in their product and that the servers they do have are top notch.


  • No bandwidth or downloading restrictions at all!
  • They have a server in New ZealandWatch shows on HBO, Hulu, Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video
  • All devices with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS are accepted


  • A relatively new VPN NZ, this one needs to establish itself a little more before earning a solid reputation, but it’s well on its way

What we look for in a VPN

You’ve got some good information from our VPN reviews NZ, but how do you choose which one is the best for you? What variables are going to make the difference in choosing the right VPN New Zealand and feeling really good about it?

Privacy and Anonymit

The heart of any VPN service is anonymity. You want to be private, secure, and unseen as you enjoy your web content. Not only does the VPN need to unblock the content for NZ Internet users, but the VPN must keep your information private! Look for 256-bit encryption and other measures.

Speed and Stability

The VPN must be compatible with your device and network and maintain superior speeds. There shouldn’t be slow down on streaming services just because you’re using a VPN service! Don’t settle for subpar speeds that unlock geoblocked content but don’t give you acceptable streaming quality.


Encryption is part of the equation, too. While encryption comes under other categories, too, it’s an entity all unto itself and one that you should take most seriously above all else. Most experts recommend looking for an encryption rate that can be adjusted during use.

For example, if you’re watching 4K programming, you might want to sacrifice a bit of security for speed (or maybe not, some people are more than willing to take a speed hit if it means protecting their data). Look for flexibility on security.

Geo Location Spoofing

If you’re in an area that blocked content to users, geolocation spoofing isn’t an option on your VPN. It’s a requirement! An example of geolocation spoofing is when a user from New Zealand uses a VPN and it appears to the service they’re using that they’re located in the United State

P2P Support

While P2P isn’t an issue in New Zealand right now, it may become one in the future. Look out for a VPN nz that is going to anticipate changes in future policy and give you a great P2P support feature.

If you don’t use P2P services, still don’t ignore this aspect of the services, as P2P may become something you’re interested in someday.


Q: What does VPN mean?

A: VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It’s your own little private network on the Internet superhighway (if anyone still knows what that term means). When you have a NZ VPN, you have a safe, secure location to enjoy even geoblocked services.

Q: Should I use a VPN?

A:Absolutely! The best VPN for New Zealand may be a matter of opinion, but no one would argue that any VPN is a good idea rather than none at all. A VPN protects your computer from hackers, gives you access to more services, and keeps your identity locked down.

Q: Will VPN interfere with my present network?

A: Not at all. VPN is a highly developed technology with many years of use around the globe. The creators of New Zealand VPN services know their stuff. When you grab a VPN, it will in no way interfere with your current network’s services or IP address. It’s a “virtual” network, not one that takes over your current physical network.

Q: Will my VPN New Zealand service support my device?

A: They may or may not support your specific device, so it’s always wise to read through their terms and services carefully so that you don’t opt for a NZ VPN that doesn’t have support or service for your device

Q:is there any hardware I have to worry about?

A: Nope! There’s no hardware at all to fiddle with or worry about. You’ll have a software program, and that’s it. You login to the app, sign in, and your VPN New Zealand goes to work for you behind the scenes. There’s very little maintenance to fuss about.

Q: How important is good support to VPN services?

A: Technology is miraculous and blesses us daily, but it’s not perfect. In fact, we’re still in the stone ages of Internet technology. The billionth Internet user only got online in 2005 (just 15 years ago at the date of this writing). Make sure your VPN service has solid support. Any Internet tech can go wrong, and you need quality help!

Quick Review of VPN Services

The best free VPN NZ is debatable. If you’re a P2P user, the best VPN for New Zealand may be different for you than for someone that doesn’t care about P2P services at all. Likewise, not everyone is completely security conscious. Sometimes you focus more on speed.

Whatever is your best VPN for NZ, I highly recommend picking any VPN on this top 5 list. Each one of them offers the perfect blend of speed, security, and New Zealand servers. All of them are rated at least adequate on customer support as well.

You’ll be able to enjoy a free trial on some of these services more than others. For example, services like NordVPN NZ offer very long trials, while others offer just 7 day trials. 7 days isn’t enough, in my opinion, to sufficiently test the worthiness of a New Zealand VPN.

To review, you’ll need a VPN that covers every single area of importance we’ve discussed here: security, identity protection, speed, sufficient New Zealand servers, and plenty of devices supported. Every VPN on this list has a nice range of features, although some, like NordVPN, offer more than others.

VPN Grows Along with the Web

New Zealand Internet users are more and more active year after year. The Internet is a permanent part of our lives, for better or for worse. If you want to enjoy the best the Internet has to offer, a VPN is the best way to do that in a way that’s secure and comfortable.

You’ll open up geoblocked services like Netflix and Hulu with very little hassle. The VPN runs in the background, never interfering in your enjoying of your services or web browsing. Unlocking this content is like finding an entirely new world.

New Zealanders who are struggling with blocked content are definitely welcome to check out the 5 VPN services listed here and to read more about VPNs and their value to you as an Internet user.

If you work online or do any type of blogging and content creation, a VPN is especially important for you. It protects your identity and gives you the freedom to share your thoughts and life with people, all with the security you need.

Given that the Internet is growing at a rate of 18% a year, it’s only a matter of time until virtually everyone on every continent is online in one form or another. As this population grows, you’ll need to be even more steadfast about protecting your online life.

The Bottom Line on VPN Services

A Virtual Private Network is essential for New Zealanders who want to get the most out of every page view, social media post, image, and video online. These networks encrypt your data with a fierce diligence that is missing from ISPs.

You can download a VPN service just like you download any other app. It’ll work quietly in the background protecting you and unlocking content for you. You’ll never even know it’s there, but trust me when I say, it’s doing good for you.