Cheapest Web Hosting in New Zealand | Top 6 Picks and Reviews

So you’ve got a fantastic idea for a website, and you want to grab a cheaper web hosting plan at first so that you don’t sink all your money into a venture that may or may not success. Opting for cheap hosting in the beginning is a common idea and a good one. If your vision falls through, you’re not out thousands of dollars.

The concept you’ve stumbled upon here is “value.” You’re getting far more than you pay for when you select a “cheap” web host. Reputable, reliable cheap hosts give you the platform to succeed on a larger scale later down the road, and they allow you to save the money you’ll need to expand your website.

Web Hosting NZ

New Zealand Specific Concerns

If you’re looking for web hosting in New Zealand, you’ll want to find a host that accepts your currency. If the host only accepts USD, then you’re going to have more than a few trials and tribulations along the way.

Before signing up, look for a company that accepts NZD currency. When you see those magical three letters under a payments section, you know that you’ve found a company that caters specifically to New Zealand clients.

You should also make sure that the company offers language services if you happen to need them. Some New Zealanders speak the Māori language, and you’ll need to focus in on finding a host with translation services if some of your staff speak this language.

What to Look for in a Cheap Host

Not all cheap web hosts operate on the same level, so you shouldn’t just pick any old “cheap” host. Just like any other thing you have to look for to buy, you’ll find that some cheap hosts really live up to the “cheap” in their name, while others offer value.

What’s a good value for a cheap host? You’ll need to scout out a few of these things before deciding on your host:

  • Cheap web hosting usually falls in the realm of $1-5 a month for most people
  • Bandwidth matters, especially as your website grows, so look for hosts that offer at least 100GB of bandwidth (preferably, look for unmetered/unlimited bandwidth)
  • The host should offer plentiful storage!
  • Loading times matter a lot, given that most Internet users will bolt if your website doesn’t load speedily
  • Uptime is another big one! Look for 99% uptime or higher

What’s cheap to you may or may not be cheap to someone else. Enterprise level businesses rarely look for cheap hosting, but many people who start out with cheap hosting go on to develop enterprise level operations online.

For you to be one of those people, you have to make a smart cheap hosting pick in the beginning. Yes, money matters, but it’s not the only thing to look for in a “cheap” host. You’ll need to ensure that the above features are in place, too.

Later on, we’ll go through some of the more specific numbers and features you should look for that make a cheap host even more valuable to you. These features are optional, but if you find them in a cheap host, you’ve got a great deal on your hands.

Web Hosting



Key Features


US $3.92 (has a current 51% discount)

10 GB

US $2.95 (down from US $9.95)

10 GB

US $3.95

10 GB

US $10

10 GB

US $4.90

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The Holy Grail of Cheap Web Hosting For Kiwis – The Best 6

Now that you know what you should look for in a cheap web host, I’d like to direct you to a list of five stellar inexpensive hosts who have plans to suit your needs. All of these web hosts are well-known throughout the industry for excellent customer service, easy to use website builders and cPanel configurations, and a knack for SEO.

Bluehost is the home of over 2 million websites, so you know you’re getting a real deal here. You don’t convert 2 million users to satisfied customers without doing more than a few things right. So what’s Bluehost got that so many other hosts don’t?

First up is their versatility. They offer shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, so you have room to go cheap or go big. With 24/7 support, dedicated agents to help, and WordPress specific features, they’re ideal for bloggers or large businesses alike.

Their shared hosting basic plan starts out at just $3.95 a month right now!

It’s rare to find a hosting plan that starts out at under a dollar a month and provides you with a robust range of features that set you up for success, but Hostinger is that single rare under $1 host that’s going to get you in the mood to create.

Even their out of this world Cloud Hosting plan clocks in at under $10 a month, so you’re in for a real treat if you start out with that one. It offers unlimited bandwidth, websites, emails, and a free SSL certificate.

HostPapa zones in on your small business needs, with terrific packages that emphasize that “business” part of the web. If you’re a New Zealand business, HostPapa has an inexpensive package that hits the mark.

They are home to over 500,000 happy websites. Their starter package kicks things off at $3.95 a month and nets you things like 100GB of SSD Storage, unmetered bandwidth, and two websites. Business plans ramp things up as you grow your business.

This one is a little known gem, but the people who have discovered SiteGround know just how powerful the solutions are and what a great value it is. They have international server locations that give New Zealand businesses an edge.

SiteGround continues to grow its clientele everyday as new people discover their packages. They also have a neat “WooCommerce” solution that caters specifically to those of you out there who need e-commerce solutions.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you won’t find a more economical solution than SiteGround. They’re also famous for their customer service team. Let’s just say that their online etiquette is much more pleasant than many other hosts.

The 24/7 support of Panthur is a weight off the shoulders of anyone just starting out to build their new home online. They are particularly good to those who use SQL databases in the construction of a website. You’ll have unlimited numbers with just their starter package.

Panthur is based in Australia, but they serve countries from all over the world, dishing out their “panther” personality left and right through perks like unlimited bandwidth, large amounts of storage, and a versatile menu of plans centered around your business needs.

Features of Great Hosting

Your cheap host starts off with things like unmetered bandwidth, storage, and websites, but where do they go from there? What makes for an exceptional value? I would recommend that you look for the following things as bonuses to cheap hosting.

WordPress Support

This only applies if you’re a WordPress user building any area of your website with this famous content management system. Hostinger offers something called “WordPress acceleration” that ramps up the efficiency of your WordPress site.

Website Analytics

To know how your website is performing on a number of different levels is to have a greater insight into the ways you need to build it. Analytics that give you in-depth information about site visitors, page views, demographics, and site performance give you an edge.

Website Builders

If you’re a novice to coding or any type of programming and databases, then you’ll want to look for a host that gives you and easy, automated website builder. If you aren’t familiar with HTML code, CSS, and other coding, website builders are a must.

Domain Tools

You may want to make your domain name private, so you’ll need to look for this feature on your hosts as well. Most cheap hosts give you the tools to maintain domain privacy and protect your domain in all ways.

Hacker Proof

Today’s web is all about security. For you to feel safe and for your visitors to feel safe, you need a website that lets you monitor for attacks and fight back if there’s an attack on your website. Most cheap hosts have add-ons for this measure. Some hosts even offer this for free

Free SSL

While cheap hosts don’t have to provide this, most of the best ones give you a free SSL certificate and great support to get it set up for your visitors and site. Consider it the equivalent of having a lock on your property.

Choose a Cheap Host Wisely

Some people just starting out online don’t feel like they need to diligently shop around for cheap hosting. They pick one and go for it. This rushed decision can turn into a pain later on when the website grows.

For example, when you first open your site it will have 0 visitors, so it doesn’t seem all that urgent to grab unlimited bandwidth. Later on, when your traffic explodes, you’ll regret not making sure your host gave you the room to grow and expand.

Not every cheap host offers unlimited bandwidth or storage, so as your website grows, you hit a dead end at some point. You can’t accommodate more visitors, but you can’t exactly just up and change hosts because you want to.

The way to safeguard yourself from this uncomfortable situation is to ensure that you pick a cheap host right off the bat that allows you the freedom to grow your traffic and content at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

They won’t just have a starter plan. They’ll have 3-5 different plans and hosting configurations that will grow along with you. You also want to work with a customer support team that is friendly and understandable.

Dealing with a host’s customer service team in the beginning may give you your best clue as to whether it’ll be a match made in heaven for your website and their team. Is the host friendly when you engage with them? Are they helpful and prompt?

If so, you might just want to go with their service. Before signing up, really do your homework. Investigate the specs of the hosting plan just like you would evaluate a computer system before you purchased it. Does it work out of the box?

Good hosting is a rarity online. For every one good cheap host, you have a dozen more that are just barely scraping by and not giving customers a good experience. Today you’ve found 5 reliable hosts that have left their mark on the industry.

Sites like BlueHost, Hostinger, HostPapa, SiteGround, and Panthur have stable reputations in the industry. Other hosts look to them when they’re trying to get their own service off the ground. They are the pioneers that made it possible for novices to exist on the web.

In effect, cheap hosts are building the Internet day by day by providing the servers and storage for people like you to use. Their goal is simple: they give you the platform to build content, and you go out and build it.

Selecting a cheap host is a good idea in the beginning, as they are going to guide you to the resources you need right off the bat before you really get traffic. All the money you save can be used to build your New Zealand website.

My recommendation is to read about each of the hosts you’ve discovered here today. Find out which one really meets your needs. For example, you may want unlimited bandwidth but not care much about storage. Pick the cheapest host that matches your needs.

The hardest part is always the beginning, but with the things you’ve learned here today, you have the chops to go out there and find the best daggon cheap web host around. From there, the content is up to you.

You’ve got a noble mission on your hands. Picking your host gives you the inspiration you need to finally get out there and build the website you’ve always dreamed of. If you pick the right host, share the right content, and keep your work ethic sound, you’ll get there.