HostGator Review NZ – All You Need To Know

HostGator is one of the most well-known hosting companies in the world. Its versatile plans and configurations combine with its relatively low pricing to create a perfect solution for small, mid, and even enterprise level businesses.

Most HostGator customers start small and grow with the company’s flexible plans and services. You can grab HostGator hosting for dirt cheap, but you can also take advantage of more pricey services like VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

So where did this Internet-loving gator come from? Where was it born? The name behind HostGator is interesting, but it’s more interesting to note that this gator was born from the mind of a college student in 2002.

That’s a fitting beginning for a company that helps so many “newbies” take bare bones ideas and turn them into award-winning websites. To create the right website, you’ve got to have the right platform, and HostGator’s 800,000 happy customers consider it the prime platform for creation.

HostGator Uptime Specs

Web users are an inpatient, hungry lot. They want information, and they want it fast and with no interruptions. Recent research shows that

Uptime results are among the most important things to evaluate before signing up to partner with any website host. It’s so important that there is a requirement among website hosts to sign something called an SLA (service level agreement). This agreement measures a website host’s “uptime” during an initial 30 day period.

If the host meets that uptime guarantee, everything is okay. Customers pay in a timely way. However, if uptime drops later on, you can expect to grab a nifty discount on web hosting services. Don’t shoot for the discount, though. Choose a host that has reliable uptime!

Shared and reseller HostGator hosting accounts are guaranteed an uptime of 99.9%. That means your site will consistently be up 99.9% of the time 30 days to 30 days, and if it ever drops, you get a month’s web hosting free for the month it dropped. Keep in mind that dedicated and VPS hosting services don’t come with this guarantee.

Typical HostGator Speeds

Research shows that modern Internet users are a finicky bunch. If it takes more than 5 seconds for your website to load, the majority of them are going to rush out in a mass exodus that leaves you sorely lacking in traffic.

HostGator is well-known for reputable speeds and reliable uptime. Their CDN add-on is a free upgrade and allows them to offer blazing fast speeds to New Zealand webmasters as well. The free CDN is a great reason to opt for HostGator. It’s part of a very economical “SiteLock” package.

Another option for WordPress site owners is their WordPress Cloud Hosting deal. The CDN is available in this package as well, and it translates into 560 ms or less load times for your visitors.

While you might already know the advantages of higher loading times, it can’t be emphasized enough here. If your website is slow to load, you’re going to send visitors scrambling to the competition.

This isn’t early 2000s era Internet where there are only one or two options for visitors on your particular website subject or keyword. A few seconds of load time could be the difference between a booming business or a total bust.

HostGator Customer Service Reputation

HostGator has been in business for a long time now, and they maintain a terrific relationship with their clients. That’s why almost a million people do business with them. When you have an issue, you can contact support, and you’re set.

New Zealand customers don’t get shorted in this relationship, either. Because of time zone differences and other international barriers, some hosts focus solely on good United States support. Not HostGator. They serve New Zealanders well, too.

The customer service on HostGator is available 24/7 all year long. One thing that impressed me was the addition of Live Chat to phone support. Sometimes picking up a phone is too much trouble. Being able to get customer support on a computer where you’re working is convenient.

Customer service and technical support are two of the most significant factors in any business on earth. If you can’t communicate with a web host, you can’t do business with them. HostGator’s sales, technical support, and customer service overall is excellent.

HostGator has one of the best reputations in the customer service industry. Thanks to 24/7 support and a winning attitude, they make being a site owner a pure pleasure, even when they need questions answered.

HostGator Plans and Prices

HostGator hosts three cozily devised plans that give you great versatility without becoming confusing to beginners. HostGator grew up in the days of the early web, so they have generations of knowledge about what works best for webmasters.

The Hatchling plan is a simple one that offers:

  • One Click Installs
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain
  • SSL Certificate (Free)

Next up is the Baby Plan:

It has everything the Hatchling plan offers but allows you to host unlimited domains on your HostGator account.

Finally, the robust Business Plan is perfect for small and medium-sized business:

  • Dedicated IP (Free)
  • SEO Tools (Free)
  • Upgrade to Positive SSL (free)

The Business Plan includes everything you get with previous plans. If this lineup were car trims, the Business Plan on HostGator would be the fully loaded trim, while the Hatchling plan would be your base model.

If you pay for a year or more at a time, you stand to gain large savings on your HostGator plan. For example, if you buy a 36 month Hatchling plan, you’ll only pay $2.75 per month. If you already have a solid idea of your content and commitment, this is a way to save money.

While we won’t go into detail about VPS and dedicated hosting, just know that those solutions are there for you to take advantage of if you need them. You’ll note that all of HostGator’s plans are amazingly efficient and inexpensive for the money.

The biggest perks of HostGator’s plan layout is that they give you a manageable number of options to choose from and spell out in detail just what you get with each plan. Newcomers will likely choose the introductory plan, knowing that you can upgrade at any point.

All of these plans have add-ons that can be used to increase your value. You may want to buy an extra security suite, domain privacy services, or your own dedicated SEO team. Each plan comes with a Website Builder, too, all for free.

Server Locations

If you’re an experienced webmaster, you probably know that server location is a useful thing to know before signing up for a host. Your web hosting isn’t coming from the ether or someone’s imagination. Actual physical centers house HostGator’s operations.

These data centers call Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas home. The Houston center is a 300,000 square foot data center that has all your traditional data center state of the art equipment: diesel fuel tanks, generators, back-up units, and power distribution units. It’s monitored constantly all day, month, and year round.

Utah’s is a bit smaller. It’s 8,500 square feet and has a pod design. Their power usage effectiveness clocks in at less than 1.2. Infrastructure is excellent, and there are plenty of advanced features to keep all of their servers in terrific condition and secure.

How a host treats its servers often determines their success just as much as their customer service and uptime rankings. If a host doesn’t properly maintain their physical equipment, it will decline and give inferior performance. That would affect your website, too.

The good news for future HostGator customers is that this is one company that religiously maintains its servers. They have substantial space and cooling equipment to ensure that everything stays in pristine shape.

Packages and Add-ons

The web hosting industry broke out into fierce competition a decade ago, and that spirit of competition never stops for an instant. Businesses like HostGator stayed in the game because they were willing to go the extra mile with add-ons and packages that give you that extra edge.

Website Builder

If you’re a newbie to the web and know little about coding or starting a website, HostGator’s Website Builder is drag and drop capable and fully mobile friendly. That’s a big deal. It’s a content solution right out of the box.

VPS Hosting

Professionals who are bringing over a site that’s already full steam ahead on technology will appreciate VPS hosting options on HostGator. It gives you full root access and scalable resources to meet your many needs.

Dedicated Hosting

If you’re a tech boss and your business is booming, dedicated hosting on HostGator is an excellent choice. You have premium performance, management tools, and complete control over your website.

Migration Services

Sometimes you realize you are stuck with a host you’re unhappy with, but you don’t have the first clue as to how to transfer a website. No worries. HostGator is capable of doing this for you via their migration services.

HostGator Applications

The web is a very concrete and established place at this point in its history. Applications are a big part of what makes hosting a website so much easier in the modern era. HostGator wanted to add in all of your favorites.

Application hosting on HostGator is easy thanks to one-click installs on every plan they have available. Some of the most popular applications you have to choose from are Wiki, phpBB, WordPress, and Drupal. That’s not an exhaustive list by any means.

The cPanel on HostGator is well thought out and tidily organized in a way that makes it easy to work with. Customers are generally pleased with the way HostGator’s cPanel is arranged. The web has so much information in every corner. Organization is key to customer satisfaction with hosting, and HostGator’s panel is super organized.

Professional SEO Services

No amount of engaging content is going to do any good unless your website is optimized for the web. HostGator has a fantastic professional SEO team that starts off with a free SEO review. They can even help you create content for your website. They offer everything from keyword research and reporting to content creation.

The Bottom Line on HostGator

HostGator’s historic run in the industry is near legend by now. They’ve been around for almost 2 decades now, creating a legion of happy Gator site owners that share their vision for business and content with the world.

The plan menu for HostGator is also excellent. You’ve got a wide range of options to choose from that give webmasters from all walks of life a stress-free way to share content or products with the world. They also have excellent e-Commerce solutions.

In addition to offering great plans, world class customer service, and an easier way to share content on the web, HostGator maintains their integrity in the industry by following all the rules and regulations of hosting.

I’d like to remind everyone that no New Zealand web hosting company is going to be perfect. There may be a thing or two about HostGator that you’re not thrilled about. For example, you might wish they offered a service that they don’t have yet. However, choosing HostGator gives you your best chance to have a complete solution.

Whether you’re a newbie or a total pro who needs dedicated hosting, HostGator is capable of meeting your needs. Now all you have to do is decide whether you want to be a hatchling or a full grown gator.

HostGator currently offers a free domain name when you sign up for any of their annual plans (12, 24, or 36 month periods). I would recommend HostGator to any new webmaster or even an experienced one. You can read more about HostGator here.