How To Get American Netflix in New Zealand

Netflix became a household name seemingly overnight. Just about everyone you know most likely has access to a Netflix subscription. The convenience of streaming movies and TV shows directly into your house is simply too good to pass up.

But did you know that Netflix has a different library of shows depending on where you live? Netflix removes certain programs in each territory due to a variety of concerns and licensing conflicts. One of the countries that lose out the most is New Zealand.


Why US Netflix Is Banned in NZ

The US version of Netflix has the most shows by far. There are well over seven thousand titles streaming on American Netflix at any given time. Countries like New Zealand only get around three thousand.

The good news is that there is a way to watch US Netflix in NZ. American Netflix is blocked in New Zealand because the company arbitrarily throttles the list of titles available. NZ has plenty of infrastructures to facilitate the entire server.

This rightfully upsets many NZ Netflix subscribers. You pay the same monthly subscription fee as everyone else, but you only receive a fraction of the service. Getting US Netflix in NZ is the only way to get the best bang for your buck.

How To Watch American Netflix in NZ

How To Watch Netflix

Every device you can use to watch Netflix has an IP address. All internet compatible devices have an IP that details the physical location of the machine. Companies use your physical location as a way to alter the products and services they provide.

Netflix is one such company that discriminates against your IP address. By determining what country you hail from, Netflix determines what videos are available to stream. That’s how they are able to keep New Zealanders stuck to its limited content offering.

This means that the way to Watch American Netflix in NZ is to change what IP address Netflix detects when you log in. If Netflix determines you have a US IP address, it will load the full library of content available to US subscribers.

Using A VPN To Watch US Netflix In NZ

The way to change your IP address is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network allows you to establish a fake IP address anywhere in the world. By transmitting a US IP address, you can access Netflix’s full lineup of titles.

The VPN service we recommend is PureVPN. You can easily sign up by heading over to the registration page. Once you verify your email address, you can start using the service. Download and install the PureVPN app on your device of choice.

Once you are on the home screen, you should see a tab called popular websites. US Netflix will be one of the first options available. The US Netflix library will load automatically. Then, you are free to watch all of the titles exclusive to US users.

Watch US Netflix On Every Device You Own

One of the biggest advantages of PureVPN is how many devices you can install it on. They add support for all platforms that become even remotely popular. Visit the website to see how many of your devices are already supported.

PureVPN Is The Best VPN For American Netflix in NZ

PureVPN is priced at just $3.33 P/M. This allows you to access an unlimited number of restricted websites from all across the world. It is even specially optimized for Netflix playback. This means that you will experience far less buffering than normal.

PureVPN has over 2,000 servers placed in over 180 countries across the globe. This keeps the streaming quality high no matter where you are. You also remain completely anonymous so Netflix never figures out what you are up to.

Authorities and hackers also won’t be able to siphon your data. Not only does it keep you safe, but it frees up more bandwidth so Netflix performs even better.

How To Get The Cheapest Netflix Subscription

Netflix also charges each country different prices for its streaming service. When it comes time to renew your subscription, you can change your IP to a place that has a much lower cost.

Once you buy the subscription, you can switch back to the US for every show. When you compare the price of Netflix subscriptions worldwide, you see that Brazil has the lowest entry point. Switch your IP to Brazil whenever you plan to renew your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is American Netflix Available in New Zealand?

A: No. Netflix chooses to fragment their library and spread different programs to different regions. While US Netflix has roughly 7000 things to watch, New Zealand only has about 3400.

Q: Can I Get Netflix America in New Zealand?

A: Yes, there is a workaround that allows anyone to watch US Netflix. The trick is to download a VPN and change your IP address. This allows you to trick Netflix into thinking you are watching from the United States.

Q: What’s so good about US Netflix?

A: US Netflix has the widest variety of titles by far. Some of these titles are excellent and well worth the watch. The US has way less broadcasting restrictions than most other countries. This allows for much spicier content in the average storyline.

Q: Does it cost more to have a US Netflix subscription?

A: Only if you are actually signing up in the US. If you change your IP address with a VPN, you can change it to countries with a much cheaper plan. Once you buy the cheapest plan, you can switch back to a US IP address and binge away.


If you are not using a VPN to watch US Netflix, then you are missing out on the full value of your subscription. NZ users only have access to about half of the US library of content.

Even though a VPN has a low monthly cost, you can easily make that money back and then some. The VPN can be used to buy a cheaper Netflix plan from another country. The savings on your Netflix subscription cancels out the cost of the VPN entirely.